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Hags: 'eloquent, clever and devastating' The Times

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Smith cites the figure that over 90 per cent of cosmetic surgery patients are women, “as though somehow, quite reasonably, we are the ones most in need of repair”. For women, but not for men, the healthy, normal body of a person in midlife is considered shamefully wrong, so that while it’s not possible to look twenty years old forever, at least “handing over the cash” shows willingness to try. This social nicety of apologising for the ageing female face is much like covering one’s mouth to yawn. She's at her strongest when she's talking about the nasty turn that has been taken against middle aged women in recent years and how that has roots in successive waves of feminism and generations of women. A lot of it really rings true, and she describes it in a way that really humanises it, rather than just - you know - blaming the youngsters for having no respect or whatever. To discount older women is, if you’re female, to write off your future self. Yes, we know why you do it. It is born of fear, and societal pressures, and a lot of deep, Freudian stuff to do with motherhood; if you are privileged, it may also have to do with guilt (shout about the Terfs and no one will notice you went to public school). However, our sympathy for you is limited. When you liken feminism to Covid-19 on the grounds that both had “problematic second waves”, you sound very ignorant to us. We wonder where you would be without the Abortion Act, the Equal Pay Act, and the women – your grandmothers among them, I expect – who struggled to make sure their daughters might have all the things they were denied themselves. She is as good on the toxic culture of self-improvement as she is on plastic surgery Chris Pramas (November 1999). Guide to Hell. Edited by Kim Mohan. ( TSR, Inc.), pp. 43–44. ISBN 978-0786914319. The true lifespan of hags was unknown, and if not fully immortal, they were nevertheless long-lived for many races. At minimum they lived for several centuries and at maximum many millennia, with lifespans comparable to dragons. [2] [5] Hags that had grown very old became known as aunties, although they could also achieve that respectable title by adopting or birthing several children, joining a powerful coven or placing themselves directly under an even older hag. The eldest of the hags, as well as the most wise and powerful, were known as "grandmothers" by their sisters, some of which had strength rivaling that of the archfey. [2] Subspecies [ ]

Lowan has a family secret, the oneIf you are an older woman, this book will certainly make you laugh, cry and recognise the truths of female existence which Smith identifies with insightful clarity and gallows-humour edged compassion. As I have said that some of these were good but the majority didn't work for me. And these should come with trigger warnings. Hypnotic, disquieting and thrilling. A concoction of folklore, identity and belonging which sinks its fangs into the heart of you." (Irenosen Okojie)

Robert J. Schwalb (December 2011). “Codex of Betrayal: Glasya, Princess of the Nine Hells”. In Steve Winter ed. Dungeon #197 ( Wizards of the Coast) (197)., p. 4. She has been longlisted for the Sunday Times Short Story Award and the New Angle Award for East Anglian writing. She was the winner of the Edge Hill award for a collection of short stories and the AM Heath Prize.There is something very off-putting from the tone of the writing too. A very "I'm not like other girls because I dare to..." etc without any self reflection with how that comes across. There's critique of skin care and makeup but it's not really in depth. A lot of skin care is a farce but the epidermis is our largest organ and requires some form of care? Instead of focusing her critique to that of anti-aging BS she just slams skin care as a whole? Her arguments are both narrow but general and shallow? It's wild how terrible this book is when there is so much that you could build decent arguments around. Eira is a midwife and she comes across a pregnant young woman. Eira thinks that she knows the young woman and she helps deliver the baby only to find out that things aren't as they seem. Some reports claimed that hags, every century or so, would use some manner of kidnapping, disguise, charming, and coercion to convince almost any kind of humanoid male, humans and half-elves seemingly being preferred, to lay with them. [10] [24] After swiftly dealing with that, more often than not killing the male afterwards as an accidental mercy, they would immediately know when they were pregnant and spend nine months in a relatively lethargic state, relying on their allies to protect them although able to fight if needed. The female child produced at the end of this period appeared like a normal member of the father's kind. [10] Robin D. Laws, Robert J. Schwalb (December 2006). Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells. Edited by Chris Thomasson, Gary Sarli, Penny Williams. ( Wizards of the Coast), p. 73. ISBN 978-0-7869-3940-4.

Annis : The most physically powerful and feared of the hags, annis hags were ferocious savages with nails and teeth like iron. They were egotistical brutes who saw strength as virtue and appealed to simple-minded beings like children or primitives. [7] [2] The other type were brutes, mercenaries under a hag's employ with free will that ran errands, roughed up assigned targets, patrolled unimportant areas and otherwise attended to laborious tasks beneath the hag's personal attention. [2] [13] Though hags were known to employ ogres, the term brute was generally misleading since hags preferred employees willing and capable of cunning cruelty as opposed to strong but stupid bumblers. These could be other kinds of evil giants, lycanthropes, dark fey, sneaky creatures like bugbears, kenku, and doppelgangers, or other strange monsters like ettercaps, gargoyles, [2] [4] and aberrations. [13] Waterstones has said “there is no truth” in claims that some of its shops were refusing to sell copies of two books by gender-critical feminists. Skip Williams, Jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook (July 2003). Monster Manual v.3.5. ( Wizards of the Coast), pp. 143–144. ISBN 0-7869-2893-X.Nigel Findley (September 1987). “The Ecology of the Greenhag”. In Roger E. Moore ed. Dragon #125 ( TSR, Inc.), pp. 10–12. Cegilune herself couldn't care less for the ultimate fate of the hags, distrusting them and generally only seeing them as tools to sate her hatred. [6] [15] Given this relationship between patron and benefactor, it was no wonder why she had to trade souls with demon lords to obtain enough magic to sustain her being, seeing as she seemed to cling to divinity only for the purpose of resolving her grudges. [7] [6] I wince when my daughter talks about Karens. I wince at how dismissive I was about older women when I was younger. Sometimes the thing we think we're the most sure about actually turns out to be our biggest mistake.

More recently, the “screaming, destructive witches” of Greenham Common” were decried as “belligerent harpies” but today, argues Smith, the feared coven has moved online in the form of Mumsnet – an internet parenting platform that has been derided both as a forum where silly women talk about prams and school catchment areas, and as a “toxic” cauldron of “TERFdom” (trans-exclusionary feminism). There's no references here, no attempt at a scientific discussion. Everything is presented as her own opinion, with a few snippets of dialogue from her friends. She brings up a good deal of second wave feminists but only uses these to pooh-pooh third and fourth wave feminists. How dare the youths of today have ideas about gender identity and concerns of about their appearance! Don't you know that once you've had a few kids and the pain that results from it that concerns about feelings and emotions don't matter? This was not an easy story to read. I wish this came with trigger warnings. Horror is one thing but this was on another level. Also, after reading the original, I have to say that the original was way way way better. Yet aside from a few statistics on the comparative earning power of older males and females and the shortage of middle-aged women in the public eye, Smith presents little scientific evidence to support her thesis, favouring instead a series of anecdotal comments gleaned from social media posts or classic texts by feminists such as Simone de Beauvoir, Gloria Steinem, Andrea Dworkin and Naomi Wolf, as well as conversations with contemporary women.As noted in my mid-book comment, I am too young to fall into the 'hag' category defined by this book, for that reason I am sure that there are portions that may well appear differently to me in a decade or so. Wolfgang Baur, Steve Kurtz (1992). Monstrous Compendium Al-Qadim Appendix. ( TSR, Inc). ISBN l-56076-370-1. Ashleigh and George move to George's parents' farm, Sour hall farm after she inherits the farm. They start working on renovating and also how to make a profit from selling cheese and milk and the likes. It is rumored that the farm is haunted by The Boggart. Ashleigh starts to see some strange things that are somehow related to her past. The amount of time that hags spent dormant was said to vary based on the methods used to bring them into the world, but nonetheless ended in something known by hags as "the change", the final transformation into one of their kind. Those born after nine months typically lived until their mid-forties, showing minor predilections up until that pointed towards traits foreshadowing their futures; young annis hags were often dark-skinned, powerful and aggressive, young green hags attractive prima donnas and young sea hags plain and pale with toxic personalities. Once the mid-forties were reached, more obvious physical alterations occurred until the juvenile was reborn as a true hag of the same kind as her mother. [7] [10] The aberrant adolescence of young hags made from devoured children was far swifter, the child only living until their thirteenth birthday before transforming into a near physical clone of their mother. [2] Lifespan [ ] A lot of what this book talks about rang true to me - the deep, unexamined misogny in feminist and left-learning spaces, the willingness of younger feminists to throw out the work of second-wave feminists to avoid being cast as 'problematic', the lazy way 'karen' has been co-opted to mean 'women', the downplaying of sex-based oppression in favour of a more confusing, perpetrator-less idea of patriarchy.

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